Smart Places Customer Charter Consultation

JOC Consulting was engaged by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and the Department of Customer Service for consultation services for the Smart Places Customer Charter. The project involved three rounds of engagement, with a heavy focus on getting input from key stakeholders and professionals working within the industry.  

Having worked across a variety of smart cities and smart place strategies and consultation, JOC Consulting was well positioned to utilise our in-house knowledge and passion for this emerging area of planning to deliver a comprehensive engagement plan. 

In January, the Smart Places Customer Charter Workshop brought together 66 stakeholders to explore how trust between Government and customers can be strengthened to achieve public benefits. JOC Consulting prepared the run sheet, facilitated and hosted the virtual session on zoom, and reported on outcomes.

The 90-minute collaborative workshop asked participants to brainstorm ways the Government can improve public trust and opinion in the deployment of smart places. The workshop framed the discussion around smart places to help unpack the challenges and opportunities for consideration as part of the customer charter.  

JOC Consulting assisted by providing a succinct workshop outcomes report is helping DPIE to develop ‘principles’ that will be tested more broadly with community and stakeholders (including a loop back to original participants). 

The final Smart Places project can be viewed on the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s website here:

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