Panel: ‘Design as Disruptor’

Last week I joined a panel for IxDA Sydney titled ‘Design as Disruptor’. The event was organised as part of the University of Sydney Architecture, Design and Planning Thursday night lecture (TNL) series and was positioned around the following question:

“The role of design and the designer is rapidly changing in the 21st century. Design is now being touted as an essential transformative principle in business, with terms such as design-led innovation and design disruption pervading the media. Design thinking is the latest buzzword, promising to offer human-centred and innovative solutions to a vast array of problems. In this panel talk, the promises and challenges of applying design outside of its traditional domains to new areas such as business strategy, social entrepreneurship, education and the arts will be explored. The assumption that design has the power to challenge the status quo and create better futures will be contested – a myth or reality?”

Thanks to my fellow panelists for the great discussion, Tamara Winikoff, Inga Latham and Elle Geraghty, and Katja Forbes who facilitated the night.

You can watch more of the Tuesday night lecture series here and find out more about IxDA here.


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