Hawkesbury Engagement Toolkit and Policy

Hawkesbury Council set out to improve their community engagement processes to enable the broader council team to plan and deliver effective and meaningful community engagement activities. Genuine community engagement is the foundation for service delivery that responds to the needs, aspirations, and values of the community, both today and into the future. With the Hawkesbury community projected to grow by 13,000 by 2040, it is essential to evolve Council processes to set a solid foundation and embed best practice, to meet Councils’ growing community engagement requirements. 

With our extensive experience developing engagement approaches with Councils across the Greater Sydney Area and our deep understanding of the IAP2 Public Participation Spectrum, JOC Consulting is preparing several internal and external resources for Hawkesbury City Council. These documents include:

  • Engagement Toolkit, including a workflow, planning timeline guidelines, tips for setting up projects and identifying stakeholders, and choosing suitable Communications and Engagement Tools
  • Engagement Outcomes Report templates
  • Staff training sessions
  • Engagement Request Form
  • Calendar templates
  • Councillor workshop facilitation
  • Updated Engagement policy

The toolkit and updated engagement policy will set Council staff up for success, helping to inform and shape future community engagement through a thorough process.

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