Housewarming Events and WeChat Group

JOC Consulting was commissioned by Lendlease to collaborate with other awesome groups like Timbermill and Buzzbox, to deliver a range of community building activities at the new residential towers at Darling Square. The focus of our work, and our previous community building at Darling Square is to foster social cohesion and community building through bespoke and tailored experiences. Like Lendlease, we want communities to thrive, and these housewarming events and our WeChat initiative has helped work towards that goal.

In August and September 2019, JOC Consulting supported Timbermill Designs and Lendlease to coordinate and deliver two ‘housewarming’ events for new residents.  On a city rooftop environment, over 300 residents enjoyed food, drinks and games, as well as information sharing from various local organisations to learn more about what is available to them right at their doorstep.  These partners included Darling Square Library and Community Programs, Darling Square Community Bank, Novotel Darling Square, Destructive Dance Steps Association, Culture Scouts, Edible Balcony, Bright* Business Support Program and Buzzbox.  Residents even experienced an interactive augmented reality game developed by Buzzbox which mobilised people throughout the space and gamified their housewarming experience.

These events were also supported on social media when JOC Consulting created and facilitated a WeChat group for residents called ‘I love Darling Square’.  The group now has over 70 active members and is a platform where residents can share information, ask questions and connect. It is self-sustaining with other residents now actively answering questions and JOC Consulting taking a step back. 

Our mantra of engagement through experience is really focused on doing consultation differently. Creating fun and unique experiences are important when engaging a diverse community and learning about their needs and aspirations.

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