Jakarta Place Making Panel & Workshop

We delivered our first international place making workshop last week and it was a blast!

JOC Consulting was invited by Conclave Wijaya and Ruang Arsitektur to speak and facilitate a workshop at CITY TALKS*. Our Director, John O’Callaghan, presented a short lecture on place theory before facilitating a workshop that explored potential improvements to Pasar Santa, a market in South Jakarta.  The workshop sold out before the day with more than 40 participants from the built environment and creative industries.

Over the course of the day, workshop participants were asked to complete a place audit of Pasar Santa, before brainstorming and designing solutions to the identified issues (including access, comfort, air ventilation and marketing). John was impressed by the considered responses, “It’s easy to get caught up in trendy design, or copy ideas from another city, but the final pitches from participants today really highlighted an empathy for the people of the markets and unique, context sensitive and practical ideas for enhancing its soft and hard infrastructure”.

Interested to know more about this project? Contact John on +61 400 471 469 or john@jocconsulting.com.au

*CITY TALKS is a “one day discourse about people and their relationship to living spaces, the neighbourhood, and the city”. It’s aim is to start a discussion that changes people’s attitudes towards development in Jakarta and emphasises the role of people at the heart of design.  

Images courtesy @emerphotography.
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