Planning Australia’s Future Grid

In September 2016, a powerful storm caused major blackouts across South Australia and got many people interested in the security of Australia’s electricity supply. Following these events a major Australian company tapped JOC Consulting on the shoulder and commissioned us to deliver strategic advice, stakeholder interviews and a facilitated workshop (with internal and external experts) looking at the future of Australia’s energy system. For us, the ongoing debate, planning and provision of electricity infrastructure is not just an issue of ‘security’, but also one of reliability and affordability. 

The global energy marketplace is undergoing a complex transition from sources of traditional generation to the emergence of new technologies like micro grids, peer to peer trading (blockchain) and battery storage. As part of this commission, JOC Consulting prepared an internal research paper highlighting trends in global and domestic energy policy and identifying key opportunities for the consumption and production of electricity in Australia.

At JOC Consulting we’re passionate about the future of our cities, the management and development of infrastructure and services. We’re also passionate about places, communities and people. As such it is critical we continue to move this debate forward in a considered, open and collaborative direction that leads to innovation and people not being left behind.

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Image courtesy Solgen Energy Group Pty Limited.
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