Smart City Strategy Engagement | Newcastle

Over the past few weeks, JOC Consulting has been working with David Lock Associates and Cred Consulting on a new Smart City Strategy for Newcastle (NSW).

Newcastle City Council has commissioned the Strategy to investigate ways in which the region, and city, can be smarter and more innovative with everything from education to infrastructure to public domain improvements.

As part of our stakeholder engagement, JOC facilitated workshops with primary and high school students, organised a tech meetup for young professionals and hosted the Smarter City, Smarter Newcastle Summit held at Newcastle City Hall. It’s obvious, the people of Newcastle intend to take advantage of emerging technology trends, ‘internet of things’ and further develop their evolving tech ecosystem.

At JOC we believe creative outputs are realised when we engage in creative ways. As such, design thinking techniques, creative brainstorming and a sensory experience checklist were implemented at each of our events to ensure a relaxed, fun and meaningful consultation process.

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