Fostering Vibrancy and Connecting our Neighbourhoods

In Australia, a new policy implemented at a local level could be viewed as the latest iteration of cultural planning. This policy, known as a Social Activations Program, is responding to local culture without the long standing confusion of ‘what is culture?’ Its focus is on people, hence the ‘social’, and connecting these people with each other and with their place.

Over the past 6 months, I’ve been working on a Social Activations Program for the City of Sydney and have found the experience to further reinforce the notion that vibrancy is a social attribute not a physical element. In this sense, vibrancy is no doubt aided by design but must be cultivated with the lifestyles and behaviours of the citizens who work, visit and live in the area…

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ABOVE: Chair Bombing – the community recycled and painted chairs to ‘bomb’ at upcoming events. Click HERE for more details and key learnings.

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