Guest Instagram Curator | Barangaroo

As part of Barangaroo’s monthly Twilight Tours, the Barangaroo Development Authority invited me to take over their ‪‎Instagram‬ as guest curator and share my perspective live from the cruise.

Here’s a quote that was shared on Barangaroo’s media prior to the event:

“I’m a big fan of Instagram” says John, “We all look at, and experience the city differently. Instagram captures that in beautiful and often surprising ways. It can be like theatre at times or a great piece of contemporary art. Barangaroo is both, and more! There’s so much potential here.”

It was a great night and a cool way to see the place/hear about future plans, particularly around arts and culture. I focused on presenting a series of images that captured the night but also presented a different story, more micro than macro, and more human than structural.

Click on the link below or here to view the images.

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