Places of Penrith Implementation Plan


In April 2020, JOC Consulting was engaged by Penrith City Council to prepare and develop the ‘Places of Penrith’, a highly complex and comprehensive strategic review of all centres across the entire Penrith LGA. This strategy was building upon the baseline of the Penrith Interim Centres Strategy. JOC Consulting delivered the following detailed strategy documents:

  • The Kingswood, Werrington and Caddens (KWC) Land Use Plan
  • The East-West Corridor Centres Strategy (Penrith to St Marys)
  • The North-South Economic Corridor (Luddenham and Orchard Hills)
  • Suburban and other centres
  • Emu Plains Station


By undertaking a holistic research and strategy for Penrith’s centres, JOC Consulting produced the following outcomes:

  • Land Use Recommendations
  • Density modelling, forecasting and Recommendations
  • Developing best-practice planning principles for Penrith’s Centres
  • Infrastructure Forecasting and Comparison
  • Innovation and Employment Opportunities
  • Model incentive clauses for LEP and DCP
  • Transport needs and opportunities
  • Place-based recommendations and opportunities
  • Identifying need for Development Control amendments 


Penrith City Council (Council) has developed LGA wide planning principles in the recently endorsed Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) and desired outcomes for the city planning through the Community Indicators Framework (CIF). The LSPS also includes an ‘immediate action’ for Council to develop the Places for Penrith Strategy that will plan for centres across the LGA. 

Council has developed principles (building on those from the LSPS), and six desired outcomes for centres across the LGA. To achieve these principles and outcomes, the Implementation Plan will “pave the way forward” in planning for centres by recommending actions for amending the existing planning framework. 

The Implementation Plan will recommend actions to amend Penrith City Council’s planning framework and policies to achieve the outcomes intended by the Places of Penrith Strategy. It will focus on practical and effective ways to apply principles and achieve desired outcomes in centres to best reflect each centre’s future character through the planning framework. In developing the implementation plan, the consultant team will establish objectives for each centre, investigate the need for place-based actions, identify opportune actions that contribute to the CIF and critically analyse the three study/strategy recommendations. The Implementation Plan is being delivered in stages – the East West Economic Corridor, then the North South Economic Corridor and the remaining suburban and rural centres. 


Density Forecasting and Comparisons of Sydney Release Areas

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Analysis of Penrith’s Centres


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