Urban planning

City and urban planning is at the heart of what we do. As urban planning consultants, we offer a diverse expertise in planning policy, project facilitation, strategy and planning applications, tailoring our work according to our client’s specific needs and always with environmental sustainability at the forefront of our planning.

At JOC Consulting, we recognise that good planning lays the foundation for great places, neighbourhoods and cities to emerge. Our human-centred approach to problem-solving allows us to tackle complex and large scale projects and provide people-focused results. We provide services for all stages of development including planning applications, development assessments, planning scheme reviews and applications and zoning advice. 

Planning advice and strategy

Our process and methodology starts with reviewing existing documentation and legislation as well as gathering data and evidence-based information. Our team approaches large scale projects with a place-based lens which considers the local character and natural environment of the area and project. With a strong focus on bringing relevant public and private actors together, our projects incorporate collaborative and iterative working sessions and workshops.

Urban planning workshops

Our team delivers collaborative and creative workshops in face to face and digital settings. Our facilitation focuses on building from stakeholder’s expertise in a multi-disciplinary setting to achieve outcomes that benefit all. Our point of difference is in translating aspirations and objectives to practical urban design and planning solutions.

Your urban planning consultants

In March 2020, Penrith City Council engaged JOC Consulting to deliver the Places of Penrith Implementation Plan, guiding a set of actions to amend the Penrith City Council planning and policy framework. In partnership with Olsson, our team has delivered an Implementation Plan for the main economic and activity corridors – East-West and North-South Corridors.

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Urban planning, also referred to as town planning or city planning, is a multi-disciplinary decision-making process with the built environment at its core. The Planning Institute of Australia defines planners as professionals who specialise in developing strategies and designing the communities in which we live, work and play. Balancing the built and natural environment, community needs, cultural significance, and economic sustainability, planners aim to improve our quality of life and create vibrant communities.

Good urban planning incorporates the following concepts and principles:

  • Engagement with communities and relevant stakeholders 
  • Data driven and evidence based benchmarking 
  • Cross-sector collaboration
  • Smart and sustainable urban design
  • Management of various interests and expectations
  • Detail and big picture thinking 
  • Strategic planning advice and representations
  • Planning and feasibility analysis
  • Data collection and analysis (community sentiment and history)
  • Planning submissions
  • Development and advice for development standards
  • Master planning
  • Planning and housing strategies
  • Social and community infrastructure strategies
  • Infrastructure contributions plans
  • Implementation plans and development controls

Our workshops bring together State and Local Government organisations and engage specialists in structured exercises that aim to identify the possibilities and limitations (technical, legal etc) for each of the development projects. JOC Consulting has extensive experience facilitating decision making workshops with a focus on aligning multiple stakeholders needs and requirements.

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