Penrith Advocacy Strategy 2023


In 2022, Penrith City Council set out to build an Advocacy Strategy, a framework for Council to proactively advocate between all levels of government for the critical infrastructure needed to support their growing community.


JOC worked with Council to develop this strategy to help guide the future of infrastructure in the community.

The advocacy strategy focuses on the ‘top tier’ city-shaping infrastructure to achieve the communities vision outlined in the Community Strategic Plan. Building on the four strategic focus areas of Penrith City Council’s Local Strategic Planning Statement, the strategy prioritises a future Penrith that is Connected, Healthy, Innovative and Balanced.

The plan included the development of advocacy priorities for building Penrith’s ‘Economic Triangle’ as a strong contributor to the larger Western Economic Corridor.

The project consisted of two stages:

  1. Engagement with Council provides an opportunity to be involved, and work collaboratively in the interest of the community, shared vision and strategic alignment.
  2. Document Review and Advocacy Strategy delivery
    1. JOC conducted a review of the previous Advocacy Strategy (2018), Priorities (2019), and other various strategic council documents
    1. JOC undertook a benchmarking analysis against 4 other Advocacy Strategies from growth area councils
    1. And delivered the Advocacy Strategy report in May 2023


We congratulate Penrith City Council on having their final Advocacy Strategy endorsed for 2023.

We look forward to watching the impact of this strategy unfold and deliver on critical infrastructure for the residents of Penrith. Unprecedented population growth, strategic position and abundant land, open endless opportunities for Penrith to become a worldclass city that not only drives economic growth for the LGA but for the six-city region, and Australia as a whole.

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